About H2Accelerate

The H2Accelerate collaboration has been formed between Daimler Truck AG, Iveco Group, Linde, Shell, bp, TotalEnergies, and Volvo Group to work collaboratively to develop the evidence base and public funding programs which can help move Europe towards a commercially viable hydrogen trucking system.

Each of these major industrial players, from both the fuel supply and trucking sectors, have made their own organisational commitments to achieving net zero carbon in line with Europe’s ambitious decarbonisation targets under the Paris climate agreement.

The H2Accelerate companies are agreed that achieving the decarbonisation of the heavy-duty trucking sector will require the use of hydrogen as a fuel for many of the vehicles used by the continent’s vehicle operators.

To achieve its objectives, the H2Acceleration collaboration will work to:

Seek public support

Seek public support to fund early pre-commercial projects to activate the market on the path towards a mass market roll-out


Communicate around the technical and commercial viability of hydrogen fuelled trucking at scale through the publication of a series of whitepapers

Hold discussion

Hold discussions with policy makers and regulators to encourage policies which can support a sustainable and speedy activation of the zero emissions long haul trucking market

You can follow the H2Accelerate Collaboration on Twitter (@H2AccelerateEU).